Austin Ngau


Michael Hsu


Austin Ngau is the son of genocide suvivors. Both of his parents tragically faced the Khmer Rouge and were forced into hard labor during their 4 year regime. His parents were given the opportunity to become American citizens in 1980. In the past, Austin and his family contributed in many ways to benefit the impoverished country. Examples include, donating a few tons of rice to the local community and building a primary and secondary school. During his recent visit to Cambodia in 2015, he discovered first hand that the educational system is severely impeded by shortages of funds, books, technology, and poorly compensated teaching staff. Upon returning to the states, he partnered with Michael Hsu to start Love The Kids in efforts to change that.

Michael Hsu visited Cambodia in 2013 to explore a potential business opportunity. While he was there, he visited the Cambodia Slums ministry who was associated with his home church Cornerstone Trinity in San Francisco. He met with Beoun and his wife, Suchada the founders of the Cambodia Slum Ministry and was inspired by their work with providing a brighter future for kids. He watched as kids fished in a thick brown stream for their dinner. Shocked by the situation, he bought all the kids groceries for a week. Returning to the states, he wanted to do more, and this led to the start of Love the Kids and our first mission.