Our Team

Michael Hsu, a dynamic leader in the business and philanthropic sectors, holds key roles across various organizations. As a Venture Partner at Advantas Capital and CEO of Footprint USA, a San Francisco-based e-commerce retailer, he demonstrates his business acumen. His real estate expertise is evident as the Principal of Asset Vantage, Inc., managing properties across San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area. Michael’s commitment to community service shines through in his roles with the Northeast Community Federal Credit Union and the San Francisco Community Business Resources organization. He also notably founded Love The Kids, a U.S.-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting impoverished children and families in Southeast Asia through grants.


Austin Ngau is a seasoned product leader with a rich tech background, recognized for his work in advancing community-focused machine learning programs at Meta. He has adeptly steered product strategy across various venture-backed startups, holding positions as a Senior Director of Product Management. His entrepreneurial journey includes founding a unique recipe discovery app and managing diverse business ventures in tech and hospitality. Co-founding Love The Kids, Austin combines his technological expertise with a profound commitment to empowering at-risk youth, demonstrating a unique blend of empathetic leadership and a passion for community development.

Tammy Liang, Director of Operations at LoveTheKids.org, combines her deep experience in property management with a strong commitment to philanthropy. Her background includes influential roles at BioMed Realty, a BlackRock company, The Swig Company, and Seagate Properties, Inc., equipping her with a diverse skill set in operational leadership. At LoveTheKids.org, Tammy channels her expertise into streamlining processes, managing staff, and overseeing financial health, while also driving fundraising initiatives and impactful events. Her journey reflects a blend of professional acumen and a heartfelt mission to improve children’s lives.