Our mission is to empower kids through education and technology. We lead these efforts by setting up computer labs in at-risk communities, provide educational software, supply Internet access, host supply drives, and provide mentorship. We work cross-functionally with other organizations to scale quicker and provide meaningful impact.

Our first efforts begin with supporting the children in the Slums community in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Phase 1 Essentials

By providing basic needs required to lead a productive life. Items include pens, paper, shoes, clothes, laptops, the Internet, and educational software.


By partnering with organizations, schools, local charities, and organizing fundraisers to gather basic needs. We’ll be personally working with computers and installing educational software provided free to non-profit orgs.

Phase 2 Infrastructure

By providing support for the current infrastructure, hiring additional teachers, and partnering with future employers.


We have scheduled annual trips to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in order to further partnerships, define student curriculum, bring supplies and work with the kids.

Phase 3 Graduation

Our goal is to essentially look after these kids until they can be self-sufficient.


By providing jobs to graduating students with our partnered employers. We prepare our kids for the real world due strategic partnerships with future employers. Examples include learning English and Khmer, basic computer skills, POS familiarity, customer service, sales, and other skills.

Our Partners